“We have 100 days of peace, unity, ambition and action in the service of France ahead of us.” With these words spoken during his speech on Monday, April 17, 2023, the President of the Republic wished to show a clear direction for his second five-year term.

The appointment is therefore set for July 14, a particularly symbolic day in the history of the country. Before this date on which he wishes to move forward on the “three priority projects”, “work, justice and progress”, always alongside the government of Elisabeth Borne. The national holiday will then be an opportunity to make a “first assessment”.

But the choice of this date could also be indicative of another, more secret strategy of Emmanuel Macron. Indeed, the month of July is reputed to be a real cemetery for Prime Ministers. In the history of the Fifth Republic, the month of July is often that of reshuffles, notes L’Express.

This month is therefore particularly conducive to reshuffles and Emmanuel Macron could well decide to follow the tradition.

The end of the 100 days promised by the President of the Republic could well be the opportune moment to change government. “It’s a good month for reshuffles, it keeps the media busy and it allows us to have a new device for the start of the school year in September”, explains a close friend of the Elysée to our colleagues.

The only time Emmanuel Macron decided to carry out a reshuffle, apart from the framework of the legislative elections, was in July. He could therefore reproduce this for Elisabeth Borne. However, this strategy also has its share of risks.

According to an Ifop poll for the Sunday newspaper published on Wednesday March 29, 71% of French people are in favor of a cabinet reshuffle. With social anger brewing and the need for renewal among part of the population, waiting until July to make a change of Prime Minister could be risky.

During these 100 days, the protests and mobilizations at each exit of a member of the Executive could intensify and put, even more harm, the popularity of the government as well as the Head of State. However, Emmanuel Macron having reaffirmed his confidence in Elisabeth Borne, it is a safe bet that he does not intend to part with it immediately.