Possible government candidate Mathias Reynard – preliminary rounds for the SP-Bureau falls in the Valais, a vacancy in the Valais cantonal government, Mathias Reynard brings in the dilemma. He withdraws from the race for the SP-the Bureau, the Duo Meyer/Wermuth, in fact, free. Christoph Lenz2 Kommentare2Wars for your candidacy? The national councils Mathias Reynard and Priska Seiler count.Photo: Samuel Golay (Keystone)

Late and unexpectedly Priska Seiler Graf and Mathias Reynard in January, their joint candidacy for the SP Bureau. Perhaps the Duo is now at an early stage – and equally unexpectedly – out of the race.

Reynard is considering namely to candidacy for the Valais cantonal government, such as the Western Swiss newspaper “Le Temps” reports. Reynards decision is positive, he would have to bury his ambitions in the party Presidium, probably. The two functions are unlikely to be consistent. Thus, Mattea Meyer and Cédric Wermuth would be set as a new SP-to-peak.

“The pressure is increasing to”

the reason for the unexpected nail-biter in the fight for the party’s Presidium of the SP Switzerland is in the Canton of Valais. After twelve years in the Council of state SP-Mrs Esther Waeber-Kalbermatten adopted in April 2021 from the policy. To defend this seat for the social Democrats is not easy. The SVP is set four years after the deselection of Oskar freysinger everything back into the government to collect.

According to gross, is within the Valais SP is the expectation that the party is drawing up its most promising politicians. After his spectacular election results last fall, Mathias Reynard is the logical candidate. Compared to “Le Temps” says Reynard: “The pressure that I’m running is steadily increasing.”

Because the SP Valais in the summer on a candidate wants to set the SP Switzerland elects its new President, but it was only in mid-October, must Reynard cases, a decision. That it is not easy for him to the national Council of self: “I don’t dream every night of them, to his Council of state. I feel useful in the Federal house. But to the Valais to return and engage me for the Canton, that would of course be something Beautiful.”

For editorial, Mathias Reynard was not accessible. His Co-candidate, Priska Seiler Graf does not want to comment on the request to Reynards plans. It merely says: “At the Moment, the question of a withdrawal or a change in the candidacy is not for me.”

Reynards, the greatest Coup

Mathias Reynard is for eight years, SP national councillor. One of the biggest Successes of the 32-Year-old the extent of the Anti-racism criminal standard: In February, the voting public, with 63 percent ” Yes ” votes, adopted a Reform that Reynard 2013 had launched. New it is prohibited in Switzerland, to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. Already a few months earlier, Reynard the country cared far for the headlines. In November, it would have succeeded him, nearly at the cost of overpowering the Valais CVP in the Council of States to collect.

Insider see you at an advantage: Mattea Meyer and Cédric Wermuth.Photo: Urs Flüeler (Keystone)

in Particular, in the West of Switzerland, his joint candidacy with Priska Seiler count for the SP was the Bureau well received. Many party insiders believe as yet that the Duo Mattea Meyer and Cédric Wermuth at the Congress of the party of 17. October 2020 a slight advantage.

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