(Toronto) Cineplex says a case recently initiated by the Competition Bureau against the movie theater chain should be dropped because it relies on “characteristic error.”

The case of the federal competition agency is based on the premise that the fees applied to certain Cineplex movie tickets purchased online constitute a deceptive marketing practice, since customers are drawn into a purchase without the final cost be fully disclosed.

The Competition Bureau alleged in May that consumers could not buy tickets online at advertised prices because of a mandatory $1.50 online booking fee.

In a filing presented to the Bureau, Cineplex says its purchasing process is not misleading, as moviegoers are informed of the fees they may be charged as soon as they select a screening and ticket type.

Cineplex says a customer who decides to purchase a ticket online sees the price, including fees, on the first page of the purchase process.

The cinema chain adds that moviegoers can bypass fees by making their purchase in person at theaters or by being members of its CinéClub membership program.