At 40, the actress Mélanie Laurent has established herself both in France and internationally. This March 29, 2023, she is showing the police comedy Murder Mystery 2 alongside Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. A role that comes in addition to his many successful films such as Inglourious Basterds or Elusive.

A brilliant acting career that is not in opposition to her family life. Indeed, Mélanie Laurent is the mother of two children: a boy, born from her relationship with her ex-companion, a cinema technician, and a girl, from her current love affair with an American. “Having lived a happy childhood, I really wanted to become a mother”, she had declared to Madame Figaro in December 2022 and to add: “Even if my children remain the center of my life, I have never so much worked, and worked better, since they entered my life. It has not slowed down any of my projects, on the contrary, I have never felt as creative as in recent years”.

As for her love life, Mélanie Laurent has always remained very discreet. She had, however, given her vision of love and the couple to our colleagues. “Instinctively, I don’t think about life together. Sometimes, I think that I have to appear fragile for a man to find his place in our relationship. In my opinion, women all act as one. as if you had to apologize for not needing anyone. At 20, you live in the need of others and, at 30, you throw yourself into love with a lost heart, trying to get through everything together. At 40, we act on the fact that if we are alone, we know how to manage.

In a new interview granted to Madame Figaro, this March 26, 2023, Mélanie Laurent had promoted her new film while addressing certain details of her private life, claiming to have already been injured by the press. “When I read that I live in Los Angeles far from my son, while I live in France with my two children, it hurts me a lot,” she said and added that she would like to be told. her: “That I am a chic girl, a good friend and a good mother”.