Where to start? How much to set aside? In savings, there is no universal answer valid for everyone. However, there are some good practices to know to optimize your investments, your budget and, more generally, your finances. Life insurance, for example, is “one of the best savings vehicles in the world” according to Karl Toussaint du Wast, wealth management advisor and founder of NetInvestissement. If this savings solution may seem complex at first glance, do not give up on it: its flexibility and diversity will allow you to save and above all to generate money to carry out your life projects and build yourself up. a capital.

To do this, there are a number of tips to take into account in order to perfect your savings. In our slideshow below, Karl Toussaint du Wast discusses with us the “key ages” of life insurance, to help you develop a sustainable investment strategy. Be careful however, the expert is formal: “These remarks, which are the great golden rules of the management of a life insurance contract, are certainly relevant, but theoretical. Everyone is a particular case according to their income, his profile, his evolution of life”.

“Don’t forget to open several life insurance policies!”, Hammers the wealth management advisor. But what is it for, exactly? “The booklet A, the PEA… You can only have one. On the other hand, you can have as many life insurance policies as you want!”, explains Karl Toussaint du Wast. “Even if you don’t put a lot of money on it, you have to put them in competition. It allows you to see how the contracts are managed, assess the quality of advice and follow-up, know if you are more comfortable with an insurer or with a bank… After three years, take stock and try to see if one contract has been better than the other”, he explains. There, all you have to do is transfer your savings to the contract that has proven to be the most efficient.

In addition, the finance specialist would like to remind savers to defend their interests. “For a long time, culturally, we opened our life insurance in the bank of the parents, who themselves had opened theirs in the bank of their parents. Today, there is more than one tool to compare, so don’t Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”, concludes Karl Toussaint du Wast.