Inflation persists and signs. Nearly 17% increase on food products according to INSEE, which forces consumers to pay attention to the prices displayed on the shelves. According to Emmanuel Macron, the hardest part is yet to come as he confided to the Parisian: “Food prices, it’s going to be hard until the end of the summer”. In order to remedy this non-dialogue, Bruno Le Maire had decided to address the two parties by means of a letter written at the beginning of April. In this one, it required effort, but above all a dialogue.

A few weeks after this intervention by the Minister of the Economy, even if the negotiations have probably not been successful, the beginnings of lower prices are taking hold. In 2022, raw materials showed record prices: rapeseed cost 972 euros per ton, durum wheat 420 euros and sunflower 915 euros. The latter three saw their prices drop with respectively -53%, -11% and -48%.

The most consumed foods remain fresh products. While some are on the rise, such as potatoes (2.2% in one month), leeks (8.5% in one month) or milk (1.9% in one month), others are catching up with the trend.

Otherwise, as far as bakers are concerned, they could soon be relieved thanks to the fall in the price of flour and butter, judge Le Parisien. After the increase in the wand and the proven difficulties, there could finally be some respite.

According to Jean-Philippe André, president of Ania, “the tariff decline will be spread out from the second half for at least six months”, he judges.

Discover a selection of 5 products whose prices are dropping at the end of April in our slideshow below.