Going on vacation requires organization. Find a place to stay, organize the trip, pack the suitcases, refuel… But also prepare to leave home.

The pets to keep, the food reserves to finish, the plants to water or even the securing of your valuables: the task is far from simple!

For example, it is strongly recommended to throw away your garbage cans, do the dishes well and empty your refrigerator to avoid bad odors and insect infestations, as La Dépêche du Midi reminds us.

For a quiet and peaceful return, you can also wash your sheets: once back from your journey, all you have to do is slip into your bed.

Also, remember that going on vacation is the perfect time to save energy. Water, gas, electricity… During your absence, your house is at a standstill.

For this to be felt on your bills, do not hesitate to unplug certain devices that will be of no use to you during your holidays, except to puncture your bank account. If you are unsure, discover the list of electronic devices and household appliances that you can unplug when you are not at home. Guaranteed savings!

Finally, be sure to turn off your water and gas supply, in order to avoid water damage and other domestic accidents during your absence. Upon departure, check one last time that all doors, windows and shutters are closed.