Protection concept of the adult industry condoms, masks, and a forearm length, distance from The sex industry is one of the last still in the Corona of deep sleep. It asserts, however, that protection measures could be implemented, and calls for the resumption of the activities by 8. June. 0 comment want to get back to work: sex work by the end of the corona-related work ban are still affected. Photo: Hannah Peters,

The ban on working in the sex industry from the 8 to. June will be repealed: This calls for Prokore, the national Union of the counselling centres for sex workers the end. To ensure the safety and security of sex workers and customers, shall Prokore a protection concept.

The concept of protection for personal services with physical contact in the sex industry was, in consultation with sex workers, Companies, platforms, agencies and the AIDS assistance Switzerland has been developed, writes Prokore in a message from Monday. After that, it had been at the Federal office for health, as well as the connection of civil society filed.

As with other personal services, body contact, since the 27. April allowed, could be observed in the sex industry standard safety measures and implemented, says the Association. Taking into account the current developments, there is no need for a further trade restriction. Such is disproportionate and contrary to the principle of equal treatment.

this is Safe Sex and there is enough distance

sex work as well as performing at the end of may and wanted to implement the specifications of the BAG. So, according to changed the submitted concept to each and every customer of bed linen and towels, and at least 60 degrees will be washed. In addition, the room for at least 15 minutes must be aired by.

For all sexual services, Safe-Sex guidelines must be adhered to. The Wearing of a mouth-nose cover is recommended for all services.

When to have intercourse to positions can be practiced, in which the droplet transfer is small. In addition, no face to be practiced-related services. While the service must be in accordance with the protection concept between the heads of the two persons a distance of at least a forearm length are observed. Services with two or more customers are not offered.

All customers are advised that for the tracing of infection chains, customer contact details, and for four weeks kept to be included. In addition, it should be ensured between the waiting customers, a distance of two meters.


not The Argument that the protection measures in the sex industry can not be controlled, to meet, argues Prokore. Companies, Studios, apartments, and line zones can be controlled by the police on compliance with protection measures.

The act of sexual services itself can not be checked for privacy reasons. However, this was also visits to the doctor, therapy sessions or Visits to massage clinics of the case.

Whether the protection accepted the concept and the work of the sex work ends ban is lifted, shown at today’s Federal Council meeting (we will be reporting from 15 o’clock live), where is estimated that a further loosening of the economic queue.


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