The path to a solid mortgage consists of two steps

1. The budget calculator helps to cash in the fall. He determined what amount you can spare monthly for interest and repayment, after deduction of living costs, insurance premiums, or maintenance payments.

2. Who already knows what month it rate can raise, goes directly into the budget calculator: This Tool calculates based on the predetermined monthly rate, the maximum loan amount, added to the usual purchase costs such as transfer tax, estate agents, notary and land register fees, and the purchase price of the property must be a maximum.   display: Here, free of charge, compare loans  

An example: you have 250 € left at the end of the month and you pay currently 600 euros cold rent. Then you can spend for the interest and the repayment of a loan to a maximum of 850 euros. In order to get just 217.500 euros of home loans – interest rate of 1.69 percent with ten years fixed interest rate and three percent of the initial redemption (Stand: 1. June 2017).

As equity – Savings or a gift from the relationship – you can bring in 50,000 euros. Perhaps grants are available also from a funding pot of the Federal land or the city.

The FOCUS of the Online mortgage calculator you can Secure the best terms and conditions

in addition to cost in the view

loans and equity, you could Finance up to 267.000 Euro. With this sum you must cover the total cost, not just the purchase price. In addition to the price for house and land or condominium notary and land register fees are charged, as well as land acquisition tax at least five percent of the purchase price, with brokerage fee and often even ten percent. In a new building, costs for connection to the telecommunications, energy and water networks.

The budget calculator calculates where your price limit is. PDF So you Finance your home Our PDF guide shows you how to find cheap loans, pitfalls to bypass and get money from the state.To the PDF guide

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