A new wave of layoffs is hitting the Montreal studio Ludia, which specializes in the production of mobile games and games on Facebook.

After the downsizing announced last August, around 50 employees learned this week that they were losing their jobs.

Founded 16 years ago, the Ludia studio belongs to the American company Jam City, which acquired it two years ago at a price of 165 million US.

“We are committed to maintaining a strong and sustainable business and are restructuring some of our teams in Montreal to optimize the performance of our titles,” Jam City spokesperson Kristina Cole told La Presse.

She was unable to confirm the exact number of employees who will continue to work in Montreal, saying only that they are now less than 300. Studio Ludia had some 400 employees last summer before the premiere. wave of layoffs.

Jurassic World: Alive, Warriors of Waterdeep, Lovelink, DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends are all titles from the Montreal studio.