A guy recently lost his wedding ring at the Exact Same place off the coast of Australia

It appears that somebody just made some random fish the happiest fish on the planet.

According to her, it is not uncommon to see certain types of fish with various parts of crap stuck around their necks.

Recently, however, she came across a fish which has been sporting a wedding ring.

Susan Ahead was snorkeling in Emily Bay, which is situated on an island off the southern coast of Australia, People reports. According to the environmental conservationist, she came across a sand mullet that had a gold ring round its neck.

According to the snorkeler, sand mullets type through the sand whilst looking for food. It’s likely that this specific fish swam by means of the ring and got it stuck on its own body.

It was only Prior returned to property, however, that she remembered a post on the community social networking page. Apparently, a guy had recently lost his wedding ring at the same location.

She was allegedly able to get in touch with the man and they both feel it is likely that this fish is swimming around with all the man’s wedding ring that is missing.

Apparently, Prior is prepared to try and move the fish and, along with a group of fishermen, attempt to grab it with a web site. Afterward, she’d probably be able to take out the ring and return to its owner. She reportedly described this as”hard,” so there is no guarantee that it will work.