No more hunting for forgotten contracts. A new completely free online service has been launched to allow French men and women to easily find all the supplementary retirement savings products of which they are beneficiaries without their knowledge. Entitled “My retirement savings contracts”, it aims to fight against the escheat of retirement savings contracts. This refers to the fact that some beneficiaries are unaware of the existence of their contract, and therefore do not receive the associated capital.

“This new service is launched in application of the law of February 26, 2021 which created, to deal with this situation, a right to information on the rights acquired within the framework of the supplementary pension plans”, explains the ministry of Economy. “Until now, the only way for an employee to know the contracts opened in his name was to find and contact all his former employers”, continues the firm. On this site, you will find:

To use this service, simply consult your retirement account on the Info Retraite website or on its mobile application My retirement account. To date, more than 11 million additional retirement savings contracts have been identified and the database is growing.

“In its report submitted to Parliament in 2018, the Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority (APCR) estimated that unliquidated retirement savings contracts after the age of 65 represented 5.4 billion euros in outstandings. “, articulates the Ministry of the Economy.