This Saturday, October 29 on France 2, Nagui will present a new issue of his show Taratata, special against cancer. The host, who experienced a desert crossing after his ousting from RTL in 2006, has become, over the years, one of the most popular personalities on the small screen.

Invited to the microphone of France Info, this October 28, the presenter of Do not forget the words! was questioned about his career. “Last year, you stopped Everybody wants to take their place. How do you see the rest? Can the radio, for example, continue ad vitam aeternam?” Asked Laurent Valière. For Nagui, it will surely not be for life as he explained in the rest of the interview. “It would be unfortunate, first for the listeners, and then unfortunate for those who have the appetite and who have the energy and the ideas in any case to propose programs. As long as, precisely, the pleasure is there – and the pleasure, as in a couple, must be on both sides – as long as there is this freshness, I will continue”.

At 60, Nagui is far from being the boss of the PAF, like his sidekick Michel Drucker. Nevertheless, he had mentioned his end of career in the rest of the interview. If the companion of Mélanie Page does not wish to reveal the exact date, he has an idea “of the date”.

“I kind of have the idea of ​​the date, because a while ago, first of all, Carpe Diem too: I kinda want to have moments of leisure and relaxation. But to other dads will tell you that as long as you have school-aged children, you continue to be working-age and setting an example in life. and not bask,” he explained.