“Hello, I am Allie!” She states , standing in the front of the camera. “Would you prefer to purchase some Girl Scout cookies? What kind do you want?”

“You can purchase them 5 in each, therefore, would you like you?” She adds a little afterwards. “Or three or even five or four? Or seven or six or even eight or even nine or 10? I really don’t understand, possibly 11, 12? Well, that is a lot”

For those unsure of exactly what biscuits to dictate, Allie stated the cookie colors can help prospective customers pick.

“What is your favorite colour as the boxes are colours,” she states, adding that if your preferred color is among those colours on the cookie boxes,”then you are able to select it.

“So, do you prefer to purchase any?” Allie says as she completes her pitch. “I have each the kinds. Thank you”

Kristen told Folks the doorbell safety sales pitch has been the”next best thing” to peer-to-peer earnings.

“It is very important for us that she learns the skills she would get from visiting door to door versus her mother simply sending out a connection,” she added. “She’d no homework. We simply reminded her of the purchase price of the boxes, and advised her to provide her very best sales pitch”