The adoption of the amending finance bill by the National Assembly last week formalized the reduction in rebates at the gas pump.

The discount financed by the State will therefore increase this Wednesday, October 16 from 30 cents per liter to 10 cents. TotalEnergies follows suit and ends its rebate measure.

Faced with this anticipated rise in the price of gasoline, the French rushed to service stations this weekend to fill up their vehicles at an advantageous price, as reported by Le Parisien.

As of last Sunday morning, many stations were already out of certain fuels. It would seem that gasoline is more affected by shortages than diesel: indeed, fewer quantities are distributed and its logistics are therefore more fragile.

The Ministry of Energy Transition told the Ile-de-France daily that it had taken steps to limit the impact of this new shortage as much as possible. Shortage which remains very limited in its magnitude compared to that which occurred several weeks ago during the strike movements in the refineries of TotalEnergies.

The ministry explains that it has asked the depots to extend their hours this Saturday to compensate for the lack of activity on the Friday holiday. There is also an orientation of the priority areas and those most at risk of shortages towards the deposits still provided. This is how the service stations along the highway are largely spared from this new wave of shortages.