An exceptional anti-inflation extension of 2.5 billion euros. On the evening of Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Senate voted on alterations to the 2022 budget, adopting at first reading new envelopes to finance various aid aimed at countering the rise in prices. According to information from Capital, “the vote for this second amending finance bill (PLFR), after a few modifications, was won by 251 votes to 28”. It remains for the deputies and senators to agree on a final version during a joint joint committee.

The Minister in charge of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, welcomed this vote, indicating that it was part of the continuity of the “purchasing power package” voted earlier in the year. “It makes it possible to ensure the financing of measures which will change the daily life of the French while making a certain number of adjustments in a very classic logic of end of management”, added the former government spokesperson. What exactly does this amending budget include? Discover the five measures to remember in our slideshow below.

While waiting for the payment of these new aids, do not lose sight of the next dates to mark on your calendar. For example, the Christmas bonus, which concerns no less than 2.5 million people in France, will be distributed in December.

According to the Journal du Net, people who received one of the following allowances in November or December of the current year are eligible: