The streaming service Netflix has warned of an Internet phenomenon in which users of social media with a blindfold by her house for a run, or with a blindfold riding an escalator. “I can’t believe I have to say this: Please, hurt you with this “Bird Box”Challenge,” it said on Wednesday (local time) on the Twitter Account of Netflix.

The challenge is based on the Thriller “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock, in which the people live with a blindfold, because the sight of a dark Power in the suicide would increase. The Film was called Netflix, in the first seven days of over 45 million different user accounts.

Quickly under the Hashtag #birdbox challenge Clips into the grid, in which users wear a blindfold, everyday things to do, and partly hurt. The two women spent, according to even 24 hours with their sleep masks. Your YouTube Video was clicked on until Thursday morning (CET), around two million Times.