Nicolás Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chávez directed Venezuela. In only one of the two of you were successful for decades: in the split in the Opposition. Therefore, it acts like a small miracle, that just 35 years of age, a charismatic Democrat in front of tens of Thousands of citizens in Caracas, the President was able to proclaim and authoritative States have recognised it within a few hours, as the legitimate head of state. To this, Juan was Guaidó elected just three weeks ago the Chairman of the dictator disempowered the national Assembly, had known the least of all Venezuelans, only his name.

That a virtually Unknown with such a Bang has stormed the political stage of the country, the country has experienced the recent failed coup attempt, Colonel Hugo Chávez, a Lieutenant in 1992. The coup collapsed at the time, but the people realized the name of the supposed Savior. A lot of people to trust, it is Chávez, to liberate Venezuela from the grip of the corrupt government and the “oligarchs”, so that finally the whole population from the wealth of the country benefit. As now millions of Venezuelans hope that Guaidó lead you out of the misery, which the new kleptocrats in the guise of a “socialism of the 21st century. Century“ only have made it worse.

It is not threatened with new violence

Good the prospects are. New violence threatens. To recognize Guaidós Appeals to the military, Maduro’s reign as illegitimate, like in the case of simple soldiers caught: Many of them are not much better off than the mass of the starving or on drugs the waiting civilians. For the officers, but much is at stake. They occupy key posts in the economy. Of the not much is left, but enough to give the fat cats a comfortable life.

Indeed, is likely to destroy this System in the medium term, because even without the return of a viable Opposition would drive the Regime, with its economic mismanagement on a precipice. The inflation rate is several million per cent, and in the shops it is most Needed is missing, about one out of every ten inhabitants are already fled, and according to a study by the Venezuelans have taken off in 2017, an average of eleven kilograms – all of this in the country with the largest Oil reserves in the world. However, it is questionable whether Guaidó has enough stature to officers and other regime support to move a page break. Other troops he has and the people is exhausted.