The us President, Donald Trump has offered, for the in Canada imprisoned, is chief financial officer of the Chinese Tech company Huawei. If this help, a trade agreement with China or the national security interests of the United States to serve, he will act according to the justice Department in Washington, said Trump in an Interview with the financial service Reuters.

Thus he turned, for the first time officially, a connection between the at the Request of the American authorities in Canada fixed Manager. Yet counts as a reason for the delivery, asked that the United States, the 46-Year-old Meng accused of Wanzhou, multi-national banks in terms of working in Iran, and Huawei’s controlled company, misled, what this brought, in turn, is in danger to violate American sanctions Iran.

The Beijing foreign Ministry has called the arrest Mengs meanwhile, as a mistake from the beginning. Any and all efforts to find for the case, a reasonable solution would be welcomed, said Ministry spokesman Lu Kang this Wednesday. Meng was on 1. December, in Canada, have been arrested. On Tuesday a court ruled that she comes out on bail.

With an electronic ankle bracelet

The daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei deposited 10 million canadian dollars (6.6 million euros) to stay until the final decision about your impending extradition to the United States from detention spared. The court approved the bail only under far-reaching conditions. Among other things, Meng must hand in their passports. In addition, you must carry an electronic device for tracking and round-the-clock by a security guard to oversee, for the you paid. You may move only in a certain part of Vancouver.

Huawei expressed hope for a quick resolution of the case. “We have full confidence that the canadian and American legal system will reach a just conclusion in the following procedure,” said a spokeswoman. Huawei keep to all laws and regulations of the countries in which the companies operate – including export controls and sanctions of the United Nations, the United States and the European Union.