the Brazilian-year-old boy who has a disease does not survive. There was, however, to raise funds for his treatment, but his father left his family in the lurch, and did more than $ 150,000 in drugs, alcohol, and sex.

The doctor suggested the diagnosis of a genetic disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy is fixed, when the little boy was just seven months old. He died on October 1, at home, at the age of two.

the family had been in may, however, 248.000-dollar picked up after a call on social media. There had been less than a year to do, and there was, for instance, to run a marathon in their home town to be organized. That money was sorely needed, for each and every dose of the medication could prevent the disease from getting worse, it was, it was 90.500 dollars.

It was good for the child. Just a few days after the gathering, the husband of the woman with whom he spent thirteen years together – and two children, escaped with a portion of the money. His wife had, he was told that he would have a job, just the way to go.

It was his wife who found out that the accounts were being looted and then a week later, in July, the 37-year-old father is under arrest. It was held at a luxurious hotel, where he had a two-month stay there. At the time of his arrest, he said that he was the victim of extortion. However, research shows that at least $ 150,000, which he was going, that was used to buy expensive clothes, watches, and, according to the local media for a drug, alcohol, and sex.