The new store group Karstadt and Kaufhof will be a leader from the Essen Karstadt Headquarters, directed. The Cologne-based Kaufhof headquarters, not the final, said several with the operation of familiar people this Friday. He should remain as a sort of Outpost receive key Management functions remained in the Cathedral city.

The location-decision was, however, also associated with a reduction of hundreds of jobs in the two Central were on the Brink. The employees should be informed in staff meetings, it said. Karstadt and Kaufhof were initially received no comments. According to a report by the “süddeutsche Zeitung” are threatened with up to 5000 jobs; yet a connoisseur of the two companies held according to the F. A. Z. in contrast, a reduction of 3000 of the currently 30,000 employees to be realistic.

Kaufhof since the end of November, part of a joint venture with Karstadt. The former Kaufhof-owner HBC had agreed to the merger last year, after a long Hesitation. The North Americans are involved with a 49.99 percent stake in the joint venture with Karstadt, which has about 240 stores and a turnover of five billion euros. The majority shareholder is the Signa Holding of the Austrian Investor Rene Benko.