The wife of a victim of extreme verkeersagressie: There was more to it than that,


The wife of a man who was on Friday seriously injured in a case of extreme verkeersagressie the Grotesteenweg in Berchem (antwerp) on Facebook and her version of the facts to be shared. She writes of how the driver is becoming more and more aggressive and went borne to her husband, to intentionally knock over a van. “I thought that I had lost,” she writes. And she is convinced that there is more to it than that, it is just a very verkeersagressie: “It was not the case in this country.” The Antwerp public prosecutor does not confirm it with certainty, with a clear theme in the game.

“Friday, at around 16.30 o’clock, my husband and I have children to collect from school. We drove to the Canal in the direction of Grotesteenweg. To the right of the window, the drivers to be inserted. We saw that, suddenly, anybody to the left of us, with the speed to arrive with our car at the road shoulder didn’t get” this is how Jasmina Akrich, the drama in a post on Facebook. “He just had to insert a number while he is not with me. A little further on, we asked him if he agreed to slow down a bit, could do it. He was about to call out that we had to go back to our country, to go to which I pointed out that we’re here to stay, and he would be there, but I had to learn to live with it. “Well, it isn’t, then you are in for something good. To keep our apartments clean, and to make it,” he said.”

“We have decided to continue to ride, because it was clear to us that the racist statements were, and didn’t want to be such hateful people to discuss the matter. At the traffic light before we got on the Grotesteenweg came to it, he found it necessary to get us out of the blue, from the left to cut off. My husband had been very, very hard on the brakes. I am 3 months pregnant and I have the belt violently, felt it against my belly. My husband went too far.”

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“in the Meantime, he came for us. A little further on, he wanted to go to the left, and we had to just continue straight ahead. He could not get all the way to the left to get through the worst, but tried to also a in between each other. We were in the area to come forward, to go further in the direction of the light. And, in this way, the driver behind us. My husband got out of it to seek redress from the man. He had his window up. In the meantime, said to a lady who is to the right of us, drove them to the police and to us on the phone, and she was the one who had to see it happen. To the left of us was a member, and he stopped so the offender could be.”

“in the Meantime, I got out as well and told my husband that he had to come back because the police had already been called in front of us. I had to return to the car, and it was green so turned to my husband, because the staff could not speak. One day, when my husband turned on his heel and stepped back into the car, drove to the offender’s wilful, my husband is full of gas, at a short distance away. Here it started my nightmare.”

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“How do I do this to my kids to explain it?”

“in The driver’s door was due to the blow at all, as is my husband, in between them was over. So, I saw him a couple of meters away, fly away, onto the ground. The perpetrator was stopped by the impact, and he would still be one of the best times for him to go, and fled back over the motorway. My husband rolled under the wheels, and it is still available. I saw all the blood coming out of his head, to flow. The burns and scrapes, and bulges all over his upper body… and I’ve had it pleaded with me to stay. I heard more moaning from the pain, and the shahada < / I> (statement of faith, ed.) say it.”

“At any given moment, I could see the ambulanciers from the car, two of the paintings up, and I thought she was over him and went on to explain. I fell almost into each other, and I thought, “no, there it is, I’ve lost him.” When I got there and went in, I saw that it was cloth up and held, and the images are to be avoided. The images still play in my head. Time and time again. The sleepless nights, the nightmares.. I just feel empty, and all the way home.”

“How do I get my two eldest children to explain why dad is now, and what’s been going on. I want justice! It has been brutal! This person is my husband is fully aware of the life from him. Because he was not in the country. He doesn’t know how much damage to our family has caused, and still causes, it is. I wanted this story to show us what hate can lead to. The events will now be described as to a case of verkeersagressie there was more to it than that.”

“I wanted to be in this way, also, thank each and every one that was there immediately, on the spot, and was waiting for us. The passers-by for help, and the comfort of the witnesses who stopped to make a statement, the emergency services and the police force there, and to get involved.”

the public prosecutor: “there is no witness, no certainty about the motive,”

In the first public prosecutor said on Friday, Caroline Vanderstokker that the answer to mrs. Jasmina Akrich is well known in the public prosecutor’s office and the police. “The judge who is the alleged perpetrator was arrested, it was at the height of the release. The judge has the man was arrested for attempted murder. It is a racist motive as an aggravating circumstance, it was not used, because only the wife is talking about a possible racist motive. The other driver has given his statement in a different version of the facts. At present, there are no witnesses to the altercation, which took place in the crash, and have heard of it.”

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