An unlikely story, it is that of the Dutch families, that’s nine years old, in the basement of a farmhouse in the province of Drenthe lived in. Cut off from the outside world. While you are waiting at the end of the age. In the meantime, the who are bed-ridden father, and a friend of the family holdings, and there are more and more facts have come to light. “But as of today, we have raised more questions than it answers,” said the police.

you are A confused young man gets on a Sunday at café De Kastelein in Ruinerwold (province of Drenthe) in. He wears old clothes, has long hair and a better beard, and bad teeth. He tells us that he is in need of help, and that he is concerned about his or her family. While he was, at one time, five beers or order, notify the innkeeper, Chris Latter and the police.

The young man’s name is john, 25 years old, and is doing it on a bench, in the cafe of his story to the police. He says that his father is bedridden, and that his mother has died, and that he and his brothers and sisters, all nine years of ‘underground’ life. Fear of the “end of days”, what it sounds like.

the Cops don’t believe what they’re hearing. But a search of the secluded farm house in the Buitenhuizerweg in Ruinerwold, everything is confirmed. In a hidden cave, they find a man and five children between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. They have been the entire time, and wearing old clothes.

“The circumstances under which they were living, were to put it mildly, “really.” said the mayor, Roger de Groot with us. They ate what they grew up in a large vegetable garden and a few farm animals such as chickens and goats.

That was it, when all of Tuesday’s light was brought out.

“the way the truth and sometimes it’s fiction, it surpasses” a voice said in the Dutch media. In the meantime, there are several things to be quiet. But there remain more questions than it answers.

Who is this family?

in Addition to the 25-year-old John, the man who, in the case of the reels brought in, the police and the farm’s bed-bound Gerrit-Jan van D., in. Of the 67 men received three years ago to a stroke. He is the father and claims to be his own person. And there are, in total, four boys and two girls, all between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. His wife, in 2004, passed away. The couple has also been a member of the controversial Moonsekte. There are some signs that he is himself supernatural powers, toedichtte.

It was during the meetings of the order, that is, Gerrit-Jan van D., and his wife to get in touch with Joseph B., a 58-year-old cabinet maker from Austria, and his Asian partner. That is B, which plays a key role in the story, has lived since the beginning of 2010, the farm on which the spookgezin this week it was released.

in the Meantime, it seems to be not sure whether or not the child will be able to are all of the Gerrit-Jan van D., have been. A DNA test will make things clear about the charge. It is definitely just one of the many mysteries which the police have to answer for.

what is Certain is that the family of Gerrit-Jan, by D. to, in a decade or so ago, the shop was used in a Salon. They sold, among other things, wooden toys for children. But never are there any complaints had been. Not the parents and not the children.

In 2011, when Gerrit-Jan is still in the Netherlands, Hasselt, lived, were all three sons of the man of the house and fled. They came out with their brothers from a previous marriage, and their maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. The family, who have now been answered, it was not even aware of the existence of more and more children, they’ll tell you right now, because all contact has been cut at the request of Gerrit-Jan van D.).

Even when his mother passed away in march of 2017, he managed the chamber is not the place of residence of the man to figure it out.

Locked or not?

“One of the questions we have to ask is: were staying, the man and his children volunteer at the farm, or they were being held,” says Nahalie Schubart, the police in the North of the Netherlands. “The answer is to know that we will always do it.” It is certain, however, that, after all, what is the eldest son, he may be faster, help search, if he had so willed it. He had profiles on social media, and smart phones. It could be that he is not afraid. Because they were afgedreigd by a person, as well. The 25-year-old told the cafébaas, however, that, at night, he ran away, because that day could be done. Because they are guarded by Joseph B., who is no longer at the farm, lived in, and during the night elsewhere in the town was asleep?

Deputy of the chief of police lived there together with Tuber, said earlier this week in the tv show Pauw, “the people are in a confined space were identified, with a number of smaller “rooms”. There were plenty of restaurants in the area. According to her, there are limits to the children’s voice, and she knew “that there is an external world”, which is what the older brother was denied. They were also in the yard. So they had the day they ever had the opportunity to escape, if she wanted to. “Or they’re afraid it’s not?” it says that the politiewoordvoerder. Because they are so free from harassment, for example.

the Belgian people, and refers to the case of Pandy. Andras Pandy, his word was law at home. He abused and murdered many of his children. Nevertheless, it could most of the people not to leave their homes.

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” The spookfamilie appears to contribute to the research. But it is the step-by-step process. There Schubart: “It is to communicate with them.” Of the group, and the farm is no longer in one another, ” explains the president of. The son, Jan, who revealed, for example, is elsewhere to be found. He is afraid of. Allegedly, they can be very good at writing and reading, and they can be a form of home schooling you had, which sounds in the corridors of the police station. The family, however, would never have to go to the dentist or the doctor and the doctor went through what it sounds like.

you can Arrest

the argument is that a central theme in the story of Joseph B., a 58-year-old scale. He grew up in Waldhausen im Strudengau, about 150 kilometres north-west of Vienna, and has lived the last ten years in the Netherlands. He was renting the farm house in Ruinerwold, the spookgezin’ was that of the married couple gerhard Rooze, two well-known figures in the village. Be well, and have been active in the church and in local politics. Even though they have never seen. She told me that b-is always at work. In the house or outside.

b. on Tuesday formally arrested. “But it is in the best interest of the investigation, but there is still nothing about it,” says Nathalie, Schubart, from the police to the North of the Netherlands.

in the Meantime, there’s been a second arrest. ‘Victim’ Gerrit-Jan van D., He was on his ziekenbed in the area struck with a suspicion, of detention, ill-treatment and laundering of money. The latter has to do with the substantial sums of money in the farm, hidden layers, and the officers were to be found. How much money, and wants a police spokeswoman Nathalie Schubart does not have to say.

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many questions

the Crucial question that remains is: how can you have a family, just like the radar that no-one ever stop to wonder where they are?

the Mayor, Roger de Groot, who is out this week, almost day and night, and the affair was in progress, to understand it and it is so boring. “That’s something like that here in the us is done. In a town where everyone still knows. But it was not registered. Then you can, of course, not really follow, what it sounds like.

the Psychologist, the children will research to see if they have some kind of thought control have been given. Not a few of the teenagers, as they were when they last came out, it would still be voluntary, such a long time to be locked inside. the “, From the first statements, it appears that they are down and out were allowed on the grounds,” says the deputy chief of police, jane’s company Cultivated.

According to the Tuber they were living in a single room, with a small number of question. But, a lot of privacy, they are not. “There were plenty of restaurants in the area, and they did indeed, that there is an external world”, which is what the older brother was denied.

And what was the role of Joseph B.,? He Had a family in his power, he be so obedient? The man has as yet no declarations made.

And then there’s the question that’s on everyone’s lips, and lights up, but no one dares to speak of the believer’s place: there would also be a question of abuse?
More about the Spookgezin Drenthe, education welfare officer made in the past to study English spookgezin, but that was the situation “set in order” is Now also the father of spookgezin held a Colleague of the Austrian, who was arrested in the province of Drenthe: “They wanted to have a private Utopia is built, Now also a father (67) of the Netherlands spookgezin held