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The Government has today approved in the Extraordinary Council of Ministers the minimum income vital that aims to an 80% reduction in extreme poverty in Spain. So has announced on his Twitter account the second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias. This provision will reach one million homes, of which 100,000 will receive at the end of the month of June, according to confirmed yesterday the minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá. The amount of aid will be in the range between the 462 and the 1.015 euros depending on the composition of the household. Are established 14 types of households, from the compound by an adult only to those with three adults and two children.

According to a draft of the Project of Royal Decree-Law establishes the Minimum Income Vital for access to the benefit, it must show that the situation of vulnerability and to take at least a year residing legally in Spain, which leaves out-migrants in an irregular situation. Although, there are some exceptions as in the case of applicants for international protection, victims of trafficking in human beings, from the expedition of the permission of temporary residence or foreign women victims of gender-based violence, even if they are in an irregular situation.

Also, according to this draft, in case the applicant of the provision is emancipated, your minimum age should be 21 years of age , except in the cases of women victims of gender-based violence and victims of trafficking in human beings, in which it will be required that the holder be of legal age. The age limit for seeing it will be 65 years of age.

Also be able to access the minimum income to those women who are victims of abuse who have left their family home, usual accompanied by their children, and their relatives up to the second degree by consanguinity or affinity.

in Addition, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration promote strategies of inclusion of the beneficiaries and applied an “incentive” to the minimum income vital to the units of coexistence where one or all of the assets they are working.

Equally, it is envisaged the creation of a monitoring Commission, to be chaired by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, and will count with the presence of the Secretary of State for Social Security, to which was added an Advisory Board of the income vital minimum, as an organ of cooperation with the entities of the Third Sector of Social Action.

The Government has estimated that the cost of the minimum income will rise to about 3,000 million euros the year which will be financed with charge to the general budgets of the State. The minimum income vital could be supplemented, in addition, with other wage income, as well as with other services of the autonomous communities.

In terms of negotiation with the AUTONOMOUS communities, the Government has reached an agreement with the PNV by which the Basque Country and Navarre, shall assume the procedures of this provision . As A result of knowing this covenant, other communities have asked that they also transferred the management of the minimum income vital, such as Catalonia or Galicia, or order the “congestion” of the same, as in the case of the Generalitat Valenciana.