Both restless and spirited, this compact condemns us to adopt the “comfort” mode to resist potholes and surf on crevices, so firm is the suspension. More than the GR Corolla, or even the Golf R. On the other hand, this Type R does not lack enthusiasm under the hood. Very lively, its engine is here well served by a six-speed gearbox whose silky control responds immediately to the slightest request. However, unlike the GR Corolla, the Type R is front-wheel drive. This mode of training certainly has its limits, but Honda persists, successfully, in pushing them further. The grip is simply phenomenal, but in tight curves, this Civic appears vulnerable against the Toyota.

For the real throttle junkies, the Volkswagen Golf R might seem pretty placid. The acceleration is vigorous, the pick-ups are muscular, but the emotion is rare. Would it be too effective? Or is she just less characterful? Both points of view can be defended. Its all-wheel drive gives it increased versatility, regardless of the season. That said, despite a Drift function that allows for controlled skids (a futile device, that is to say), the Volkswagen does not force the same commitment. Like the Type R, the Volkswagen’s hatchback bodywork gives it extra versatility, but the infotainment system occasionally misfires and the presentation lacks cheerfulness. Like the GR Corolla, by the way.