The company Viangro N. V., calls the product ” Linguine with Salmon-Spinach and back, because there might be glass fragments in the product. For the linguine, it was only distributed in the retail chain Lidl, reported to the federal food PRODUCTION Wednesday night.

It’s going to be Linguine with Salmon-Spinach, 450g, brand, Chef’s Select, with the ‘use by’ date 05/10/2019, and 07/10/2019, wrapped in a plastic bowl. The product was sold by 30/09/2019 up 02/10/2019.

The products will be exclusively distributed by Sleep. Lidl Belgium, is asking its customers to use this product, do not consume it, and bring it back to Break point-of-sale. It will be refunded to you, even without the presentation of a receipt.

for More on Sleep Founder to Break the main German Lidl is launching a collection to get your student to set up Break is going to be far in the fight against food waste: we are soon to be steak and salmon and for 50 cents? Sleep does all of it in case of no deal-brexit: “Suppliers need to be additional costs to pay”