Initially scheduled for Tuesday, August 9, the 4% increase in basic pensions will finally come into force in September, with retroactive effect. Thus for a pension of 1,200 euros, the increase will be 45 euros per month. A precious help for retirees who also suffer from inflation. On the other hand, for the supplementary pensions of former private sector employees, nothing has yet been decided, reports La Dépêche du Midi.

These pensions are revalued each year on November 1, in accordance with the national interprofessional agreement. And the amount of this increase is generally set by the social partners meeting within the Agirc-Arrco. This year, they are to meet on October 6. But, in an unprecedented inflationary context, some would have liked this increase to come sooner.

The amount of the revaluation of supplementary pensions from Agirc-Arrco will be set half by the unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT and FO) and the other half by employers (Medef, CGPME and U2P). “We have to take into account the 4% increase in the basic scheme. If we can do better, we will do better. We have to let go of the reins a little”, explained to our colleagues Pascale Coton, vice – President of the CFTC.

Force Ouvrière believes for its part that Agirc-Arrco had the means to increase pensions this summer. But it won’t. Others have therefore suggested making this revaluation retroactive. But this measure should not be retained either. “We would have to make an amendment, we would have to renegotiate. There was a refusal from the employers’ organizations,” said the deputy secretary general of the CFDT retirees to the regional daily.

Indeed, the setting of Agirc-Arrco pensions responds to very specific rules. They must be indexed to inflation, the rate of which reached 6.1% in July. However, they must not exceed the amount of the average salary per head in France and the latter progresses much less quickly than consumer prices.

According to several specialized media, an increase in supplementary pensions of around 2.9% “only” would be considered. However, Agirc-Arrco would have a reserve estimated at 65 billion euros which would make it possible to pay the pensions of the French without collecting contributions for six months. But she doesn’t seem ready to squander it yet.