Pommeline Tillière (25) late-Limburg intensively studied. The blonde woman, who is currently starring in Temptation island’s VIPS. and Celebrity date version of As to Smetlede in Aalst, belgium.

The move comes with a new professional chapter in her life. At the beginning of next year and to open them to the Gentsesteenweg in Erpe-Mere, belgium, in a former pralinewinkel of its own free wi-fi. The house must, however, still have to be taken into account for the doors, you will be able to open it.

Pommeline are looking for, not just in this area. It is, after all, comes from the Eastern part of Flanders, Heusden (Destelbergen). Her sister is currently in the Party.

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“well, This is they don’t like it”: Pommeline in tears during the first episode of Temptation Island, VIP attendees