According to Houston police, Tom Sharkey, who was wanted in Alexis Sharkey’s death, committed suicide after U.S marshals went to his home, Houston police stated.

According to law enforcement, a man was arrested for strangling his wife, who is an Instagram influencer. He was found dead in a Florida house on Wednesday.

Alexis Sharkey’s body, which was found on the side of a road about 17 miles west from downtown Houston, was discovered by police Nov. 28.

Authorities revealed that the 26-year old died from strangulation in an autopsy.

Tom Sharkey, her husband, was found dead from an apparent suicide at his Florida home, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. Wednesday’s confirmation by the Marshals Service was made available to NBC News.

Sharkey committed suicide after discovering that the marshals had arrived at his Fort Myers home. Sharkey was staying with a relative there, Houston police reported.

According to police, he was issued an arrest warrant on September 29 in the intention of formally charging him with murder once he was taken into custody.

The police had not publicly identified Tom Sharkey in the death of his wife until Wednesday.

Investigators found evidence of domestic violence history from Tom Sharkey, and the couple was ending their relationship.

Although a domestic violence report was never filed, Alexis Sharkey stated to others that her husband had physically abused and abused her. The evidence showed that the couple had split. Police said Tom Sharkey was open to reconciling with his wife, but he was not interested.

Police said that Tom Sharkey did not tell the truth in conversations with police. He also had been evasive when he spoke with authorities.

Police said that he initially consented to giving a DNA sample to be tested in August, but then “essentially vanished” when a detective met him at a mutually agreed date.

The police stated that there was a lengthy investigation. Other theories, including that of Tom Sharkey, were also explored. He was ultimately found to be the only person who had the motive and means to kill Alexis Sharkey by detectives.

Alexis Sharkey disappeared just after Thanksgiving, according to her mother. After getting married, the influencer had relocated to Houston in January 2020.

According to NBC affiliate KPRC Tom Sharkey wrote about his wife’s disappearance on social media. He addressed what he called “craptalk” from commenters.

“And if my wife had seen this, she would have been disappointed in your actions!” He posted, “You all should be ashamed!” “I have been helping the deputies, making phone calls to learn what happened to my spouse.”