A consultation with federal public servants by their union shows that more than a third of them are unhappy with the back-to-work policy in the office, to the point that they are considering resigning.

It was the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, one of the major unions of federal public servants, which consulted its members about the government’s return-to-office policy two or three days a week.

According to this consultation, more than a third would be dissatisfied to the point of considering resigning. The proportion is even higher among the youngest, almost 50% among those under 30.

The union notes that younger workers more often struggle with the challenge of child care and are particularly concerned about environmental issues related to transportation.

The Institute says it prefers the principle of “justified presence” to a general order to return to the office, which would mean being in the office when operational needs justify it.

The Institute has 72,000 professional members of the federal public service.

The response rate to the online consultation was approximately 17%.