The draughtsman, Poet and satirist Fritz Weigle, alias F. W. Bernstein, died on Thursday at the age of eighty years. This is the Caricatura Museum Frankfurt informed. He became famous for his Work for the satirical magazine “Pardon” and “Titanic.” He was, along with Robert Gernhardt, Eckhard Henscheid, F. K. Waechter, Chlodwig Poth, Bernd Eilert, Peter Knorr and Hans Traxler co-founder of the New Frankfurt school, and worked as a Professor of cartoon and image of history in Berlin.

F. W. Bernstein was Born as Fritz Weigle on 4. March 1938 in Göppingen, Germany. After his graduation in 1957, he studied at the art Academy in Stuttgart, where he met Robert gernhardt. Later, he moved to the University of the arts Berlin. In 1964, Bernstein joined with Robert gernhardt in the editorial Board of the magazine “Pardon”, belonged to the Clovis Poth, Hans Traxler and F. K. Waechter. In the case of “Pardon” was F. W. Bernstein for the Supplement to the “world in the mirror”, short WimS..

The “Sperrigste and most peculiar”

The group of the five signatories, and three authors, of which a part of the 1979 founded the satirical magazine “Titanic”, was under the name of the New Frankfurt school. This was F. W. Bernstein with the two lines “The sharpest critics of the elks/were once themselves which!” your Motto. Oliver Maria Schmitt, a former “Titanic”-editor-in-chief, F. W. Bernstein a special place in the New Frankfurt school. He was “the first not only by what was Ordinary has become… his work is in the group of circles at a safe distance Sperrigste and most peculiar”.

Thus, Schmitt alludes to the fact that F. W. Bernstein went to work as a teacher in the school service. He was Academic Council at the Pedagogical University of applied Sciences Göttingen and has lectured at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Kassel. In 1984, he was appointed to the world’s only Professor for cartoon and image history at the University of the arts Berlin.

F. W. Bernstein for his lyrical and satirical works known. Together with Robert Gernhardt und F. K. Waechter The truth about Arnold Hau” (1966), “Teaching test – Report from the classroom was “”, released in 1969 under the name of Fritz Weigle, as well as the “amber book of drawing-what else – A teaching, pleasure, property, and trade-book special of the same” (1989). Come last appeared in the book of poetry “Fresh poems” (2017) as an Addendum to “The poems” (2003).