In the space of a week, more than 10,000 bras were introduced into 72 lingeriewinkels for the “Women supporting women”. Report this to the organizers, the Fedelin, the industry organisation of the lingeriespeciaalzaken, and Oxfam on Thursday. The bras will be distributed through the shops of Oxfam, at a reduced price as a way to support women who are difficult to have access to high-quality bras.

“a New, high-quality bras for many women today, unfortunately, is a luxury that fewer can afford. High-quality bras, not only to the comfort, convenience and health, but also lead to a better self-image of women,” according to the organizers. Due to the action of Oxfam in the collected bras, at a low price so that all women have the opportunity to get a quality bra to wear.

Frederick Of Hauteghem and plan second-hand from Oxfam, shows that the demand for quality underwear, is great: “It is striking to see that the underwear has to be brought in, as it were, out of the door in flight. A lot of women are, unfortunately, not a new high-quality lingerie can afford.” This observation, the organisers, combined with the results of a study which found that women, on average, to three bras in their closet that they no longer carry it. “It will help us a great deal of women happy. Moreover, it will be financed by the proceeds of sales of items for humanitarian aid and development cooperation worldwide, and is helping Oxfam-Solidarity, so as to exert pressure on the policy, said: “Hauteghem.