La Poste: the 5 new features for 2023


Main development in 2023, the red stamp will disappear. Synonymous with delivery on D 1, this postage will end in paper version in favor of an Internet version, the red e-Letter. What is it about ? Postage available only online, to be done before 8 p.m. on the website or on a post office machine. There, you can scan or attach up to three sheets of documents in your shipment.

Once printed by La Poste, your documents will be put in an envelope and distributed the next day. A shipment charged 1.49 € against 1.43 € currently for the red stamp. Do not panic if you have some, your old red stamps are still valid, but they will distribute at D 3 like green.

Note that the only stamps available at the post office will be the Green Letter and the Letter Services Plus (turquoise colored stamp), a new feature for 2023.

The green letter still allows shipments adapted to everyday mail with an indicative delivery of 3 days. It wants to be more ecological, with a distribution by air which is done only for shipments from and to Corsica and the DOM-TOM. Finally, the registered letter remains in place and still provides legal proof of your shipments, with an indicative delivery time of three days.

We take stock below of the new products for 2023 at La Poste.