it starts so poorly. At the first opportunity in the new football year 2019 the Liverpool FC lost. This season in the English Premier League, this was not yet the case. Finally, the team of coach Jürgen Klopp was subject to at the beginning of may in Chelsea. On Thursday evening at the POPs, three days after the new year’s eve fireworks at title rival Manchester City the “Reds” lost with 1:2 goals. The runners-up by Coach Pep Guardiola is placed in the table on four points – the title race in England is now promising a One-Team Show, to be more, especially since Tottenham is a little more involved, and six points behind Liverpool.

Tobias Rabe

editor responsible for sports Online.

F. A. Z.

Sergio Agüero, who met to play in all its seven home games against Liverpool, was successful again, just before half-time to the 1:0 for City (40. Minute). Roberto Firmino equalised for Liverpool in the first place (64.), but the German national player Leroy Sané made his goal for Manchester victory (72.). “We can play better,” said Klopp. “We have had no luck in completion. With a little more luck we could have the 2:2. That would have been perfect for us.“

Klopp was mainly a curious scene at the beginning of the game. Liverpool had the first Chance – and what a! The much-vaunted attacking trio of Anfield took apart Manchester’s defense single-handedly. Mohamed Salah began the move in midfield. His Ball trick from Roberto Firmino came by to chop back to the Egyptians, who played in the tip off Sadio Mané with a perfect Pass. But the shot of the Senegalese jumped from the inside of the post and back into the game box.

After that, would be a City with almost a Slapstick own goal. John Stones wanted to shoot the device after the pole hit in his Distress, the game out of the danger zone. He met, however, through his penalty area pike goalkeeper Ederson. From the bounced the Ball in a high arc in the direction of the gate and was scratched by Stones, but just from the line. Liverpool cheered, but referee Anthony Taylor pointed to his watch – not a goal. Goal-line technology proved it.

There were, according to later official figures of the League exactly twelve millimeters, so the Ball had crossed the line. To the naked eye, the Impartial would have been overwhelmed with this decision. “It was 1.2 millimeters, or centimeters, or I know what?” Klopp said in DAZN. “In any case, The Ball was not in it. We shoot pole the Ball to the inside and he jumps out. Leroy (Sané) has an attempt pole the Ball to the inside and he jumps in. Sometimes it can be so.“

Because Sané was on his winning goal exactly. A Pass from Raheem Sterling, he took on his left side and sank the Ball with a powerful shot into the far corner via the linkage in the gate. Unlike previously, this required no technical assistance. The Ball was ultimately clearly visible in the network. “It was a very, very wild, intense game,” said Klopp. “2:2 would not have been for us a Top result, 2:1 is even half as good.” With the performance he was satisfied. The coach is certain: From the first defeat of the season and the Approach of the worst of the follower “is now made relatively much, this is logical.” Klopp knows but also what helps against it: “Now the stories will be turned over times as long, until we win again.”