finally, the General manager, John Lelangue is continuing to work on the restructuring of Lotto Soudal. There will be some reorganising. Marc Sergeant, remains, sports manager, Kevin De Weert, the netherlands, is performance management. And then there is the administration and logistics of a grand piano, where She D’haese’s business interests. John Lelangue, who is at the end of november 2018 with the Belgian WorldTeam is the person ultimately responsible.

“Marc Sergeant is not a director, but the athletic director and that he will continue to be,” says Lelangue. “In addition to him, there are six sports directors. In addition, I am building a ‘performance department’. The two cells directly to me, report it. I can lean on who is ready. The job of a Sergeant is to see who we can recruit. Herman Frison, there is only one name, is one of the six sports directors and they’re all on the same line.”

“What I can obtain them, it is nothing new. That has been around for a long time. In other sports, such as football. When I was working at the AGENCY, we worked in the same way. Jim Ochowicz was the general manager. I took the sports section of my account, Allan Peiper, was the performance manager and the administration as a whole. So, we are going to be working with Lotto Soudal. Each and every cell that will be up to me to report, and the team will continue to develop in the most efficient way to work. I want to get the best out of everyone get. I want to make a team to make all of our aspirations can come true. And for that, we must be on a single line, with me as the person with ultimate responsibility. It is the only way we have to high-quality results.”

“It’s collectivism, should take precedence, take a look at what we have achieved in the Tour de france. Little by little I am building the new Lotto Soudal, with a new vision and a greater ambition.” .

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