If proof were needed, that the old Federal Republic has come to an end, then it would probably be this one here: The ZDF has found a new “dream ship”-captain. An office in the eighties, on a level with the of the national coach or the Federal President, since months vacant: staggering. Instead of a captain in a special episode of Easter now a first officer, played by a man named Daniel morgenroth is to draw the steamer to Zambia. The easy-to-sailors take over the former heavyweight of the evening’s entertainment now in command? Well, it should be in the case of Zambia at least, no icebergs – although it has in the face of climate change and the masses of Snow everywhere because there is no certainty of more.

In this case, the requirement profile for the Job does not seem to us to be excessive to look at In white Uniform with partial views to the horizon and to speak of solemn phrases, the you should get – and who cares about the rights of Work-Life Balance, the need to decide first, whether seven months of the year on the high seas, too Much work, or rather too Much leisure mean. The former captain of The new sheet reports “” meanwhile, a Bad thing: “the Drama of the dream ship-Star – Sascha Hehn – He fought for his life!”

And as he passed, for the first time, in his time as a Steward, from the ship, with a head dive into the water: “We are the scene shot in the Acapulco Bay, and I had a white pair of pants. If you’re going to swim in front of Acapulco with a white pants, is that about as if you pull a turn signal by a pike water.“ Almost fatal Hehn were then but not be attracted to sharks, but the flow: “I have saved me with the last of his strength to the boat’, says the actor, full of relief.”

and it said basically, “” should, because these rates has removed “The new sheet” an Interview Hehn 2013 a magazine. The power then but probably nothing more, in view of the fact that the described Episode dates back to the year 1991. Also, we would see if we could open our Newspapers with old stories, but we are afraid of headlines such as “Boris Yeltsin, the Russian President elected” would not relieve us of our readers.

Désirée Nick praises himself

On a different mission, namely, the RTL jungle camp, the “image”-newspaper injected. For nine seasons you’ve experienced, write to the Reporter, and now “revealed in the new “image”series for the first Time everything”. Or to put it differently: We have all known already for a long time, but you, the reader, Yah, nothing to betray. RTL, in turn, had made the “picture”questions, as well public as private reply, among other things, this: “Australian Scorpions can sting.” “Image” now writes: “Australian water spider bite in the rarest of cases (which just want to play), this is also true for Australian Scorpions.” How reassuring that the Scorpions don’t bite, but what about their spines? Probably image is not “advises” to your readers to be afraid, you should be in Africa a lion: The sting only very, very rarely.

bears witness to talk is generally pretty snappy Désirée Nick praises meanwhile, in the “Echo of the woman”: “a plumber and a Prince on the same type of humanity and sincerity.” Human and sincere, we would like to show us, only we get the rare opportunity to speak with the Prince; unlike a plumber you can’t order the Yes, unfortunately, on the phone home. Speaking of the phone: Jessica Stockmann, “actress and main contractor” (“woman in the mirror”), on the question of their quirks: “I lose my phone constantly. The other day I let it back on the plane. It’s happened to me ten Times.“ Jaha, we can sing a song. We have already forgotten the dozen our diamond-encrusted credit card in our private jet.