could not What suffering he death, he entrusted to the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, are clichés about Bavaria, the “stuck up to the knees in the earth, and emphasizes slow to speak”. A farmer who had come from his farm, and the landscape view was “a nonsense”, because he knew the landscape by heart, and not romantically had to stare. How many of those dream vessels, Fincas and Pilchereien is looked at Prime-time and romantic?

Hannes Meier background

editor in the features section, responsible for New non-fiction books.

F. A. Z.

the list of his greatest successes creates the feeling, as Franz Xaver Bogner would be to follow all alone “Meier family” (1981 et seq.), “irgendwie und sowieso” (1986), “freedom” (1987, 44), “Café perjury” (1990, 147), “München 7” (2004, 51) and “The Emperor of xing” (from 2008, in 22 episodes). For the Bavarian broadcasting Bogner has for decades been a mainstay when it comes to the Transport of live feeling. The transmitter has left him again and again on a long leash, to trusting, the Bogner would have the right instincts.

New TV life around the Viktualienmarkt

For Bogner what you call a fine feeling for the little people, especially in the floors, which don’t have it. In “To freedom” led about Ruth Drexel as Paula, with a tight Rein in the tavern in the slaughterhouse, and the microcosm, the Bogner there auffaltete, documented in all of Fiction is a piece of another old Munich. With Toni Berger, Robert Giggenbach, Monika Baumgartner, Ernst Hannawald, Hans Brenner, Michaela May authentic actors at work, such as Karl Obermayr, Ottfried Fischer or Olivia Pascal at the core of the Bogner’s actor family – not a few of them owe him the breakthrough. The majority of film scores, wrote Hans-Jürgen Bucher alias Haindling. With “Café perjury” was the Director and screenwriter is the continuation of George Lohmeiers “king embodied Lich Bayerisches Amtsgericht” (1968-1972), Erich hallhuber as a judge, a justice, was endowed with an occasional sigh to the Mild. And the crime Comedy “München 7” managed the virtually impossible. On the from Helmut Dietl with the “Munich stories” mown Meadow, blossomed new TV life around the Viktualienmarkt, where Andreas Giebel as police chief Bartl main einhegt as the area Fuchs his territory.