the guests at the wedding, keuzestress to save money, is to be a bride, so we would have a wide-ranging list of possible gifts to make. But it’s not going to come without any conditions. “I expect each and every one of you is at least $ 400 spent on a gift. And if you are buying something that is not on this list: consult me first.”

as The bride in question posted a message on Facebook that the then-anonymous on Reddit put, in order to show the absurdity of the show. Hello everyone, the invitations have been sent out to you, and you have until Sunday to let you know you’re in there, will be”, the bride is very sweet. But the show turn very soon, when possible, gifts are discussed.

“For all that is, is there a list of the gifts you can bring to the table. You MUST have something on the list or else you need me to consult,” she writes. “The exceptions are not possible.

New cars and expensive brands

for Guests that are cheap af was expected to be out of luck. “I expect everyone to be at LEAST $ 400 spent on trouwcadeaus. Smaller amounts are accepted as you are to me in advance to say.” They will also need to be explained in the listing. Handbags are only Gucci, Louis Vuitton, a new car, gift vouchers also available – but only if they are $ 400 or more, and is sourced from a select list of shops such as Calvin Klein and Gucci, and clothes have to have a certain expensive brands. Also, the tiles in their house, are on the list.

The list was massively divided, and that there has already been a lot of criticism. “What are some of the good tiles that we will be able to find it, for the present, the way you move, to buy, for example. Give her marriage do not last more than a year. “How is it possible that there is a man who want to marry her?”

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