The Arm-Club Brugge. The Association went on Zulte Waregem with a 6-0-pandoering on it. Green-and-black should be at the interlandbreak think about it in the near future. 3, at 30, things have to change. Essevee, for his part, turned 16 on the 24th, a good set up and allows you to connect with the top six.

“We must be on our guard for the ” Cercle Brugge”, said Francky Dury. However, it was the team at the end of seven league games without a loss, relax, toeleven to face-off against the red lantern. “Indeed, We have to go for that party, and are in a good period of time, but there is a danger.” Dury got the right to be equal. Saadi was on notice of, and to bounce back to The Association at the first opportunity in the lead. However, the VAR is cleared and he can go off due to an offside. Zulte Waregem have started to turn, looking for the first opportunity. It was an instant buy. De fauw was Larin, the second pillar, which governs the 1-0 keys inside, nodded in agreement. The club-the defender Ueda was about to sleep.

the Essevee tried to stop the ball on to no avail. Bruno and Larin attacked Badiashile, which stood for what is right.” Midway through the first half, ran for Larin off in the back of Ueda. The Canadian striker was alone on goal and put it aside to Bruno, 2-0. The home side looked to be heading for an easy victory. But it didn’t work out.

Bossut does Essevee right.

at Zulte Waregem, has led to a great deal of unnecessary and stupidly losing the ball in the build-up. It was also found that Deschacht hit the ball with the hand, there is in sixteen. The ref and the value did not answer. Club Brugge was the better part of the game and through the town by Stef Smith. He sent Saadi is deeply, Bossut saved, and Pletinckx blokte a deployment of a Modern finish.

Photos: Isosport

After the break, it was Bjordal feel free to cut, but I stopped in front of. Zulte Waregem was not at home at the start of the second half. Neither worked, played, and dominated. Essevee didn’t have much more done. Bossut saved his team on the deployment of Saadi, and Modern.

Dury had responded by Sissako to get off with Govea and more talk of power in the team to drop. Also, Zarandia and fell into it. The Georgian did not have a lot of time for Berahino to be found in the r-rated. That, in turn, Bruno, who points 3-0 for me. The bowl was empty to the bottom of it. Zarandia year, Taravel devoured his own goalie: 4-0. Also, Berahino picked up his goaltje, and made it to the forfaitscore is complete. Foster threw the eerredder will still be on the cover strip. Larin and thickness of the score to 6-0.

Depressed fully to the Club.

this Is still very good at Club Brugge? Waasland-Beveren have won by KV Oostende, and can walk as early as four points. While the numbers are glowing red with a 3 on the 30th. It’s just guess work to what it is now, it will be done by the technical director, François Vitali and coach Fabien Mercadal. They may even stay on after the very poor results? Owner of AS Monaco, the past few days and is already an ex-Feyenoorder, Igor Korneev, to Bruges, in order to make an analysis of the current malaise.

Zulte Waregem, with a good sense of the interlandbreak move in. The club was started with 0 for 6 in the league, but was then a young, handsome, 16 to 24, record, and make contact with the top of fashion.

Robert Coorevits.

Photo: Isosport