The final results are now known. The December 31 broadcast of Bye Bye 2023 attracted 4,569,000 viewers, down slightly compared to 2022, reveal confirmed data from Numéris, published on Tuesday.

These figures, which include recordings, are lower than those collected last year, when the show brought together 4,706,000 Quebecers. Published on January 2, the preliminary data nevertheless suggested a small increase in audience ratings. They indicated that the humorous show piloted by Simon Olivier Fecteau was followed – live – by 3,316,000 viewers, compared to 3,222,000 in 2022.

As for the other shows on December 31, Live from New Year’s Day ends its ratings race with 2,383,000 viewers, its second largest audience in history, established in 2022 with 2,493,000 viewers. See you next year brought together 1,806,000 followers, down 182,000 from the previous year.

For its part, Infoman 2023 exceeded its 2022 results by capturing the attention of 3,505,000 viewers, an increase of 269,000. The show piloted by Jean-René Dufort established its own record in 2021, in full confinement, with 3,629,000 viewers.

At the end of the evening, Backstage at Bye Bye attracted 1,976,000 night owls, compared to 2,079,000 last year. The first edition of Behind the Scenes Live on New Year’s Day captivated 969,000 people.