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Three walks in the bullfighting arena three. is Three musketeers , announced this week in Madrid. Three in the capital of Spain. Three circulated by whatsapps and networks in the capital of bullfighting, one tomorrow and two Saturday. A nonsense of organization without organization, nothing strange in the incongruous system of bullfighting without a system or structure to hold it. Why? Because there’s D’artagnan one to the front, someone to put sanity to the madness. For a very spontaneous that is. This is a chaos. Any up to think in a loud voice that any concentration is launched by the enemy to divide. Less war of guerillas, and more battle in common.

At the moment the most urgent is the drive, the own taurinismo divided into three these walks, which have already course the jeers of their own fans, under the heading “walks the path of the cholesterol” . Three rides, three. The patient dreamed of by any physician.

But let’s get serious: it is essential that you comply with the health measures recommended; others do not “forgive” in this society of hypocrisy , but the bulls were measured with a magnifying glass. Do you know why? Because the discrimination of bullfighting is becoming more evident and pronounced. And against that you fight. To a.

If the Foundation of the Bull has opted to stay out of this movement -began in other cities-, a D’artagnan, a association, someone to take the helm. is Join forces and not divide. With the strength of professionals and amateurs, without appropriations policy through, claiming equality to the culture of bullfighting.

States, but far beyond these walks in symbolic, it is not known if it will be a lot, but your right they are making them. Who calls? Drive on what’s important in the inner core of the Party.

The successor of Culture

Here the story is written in movement, but not walking, but working. It is true that there have been small steps in the invasion of the masks the culture against censorship , as in the meetings of the crisis committee with politicians of different Communities. What should be normal it seems like a conquest… But it is what it is.

Here the “pirula” -within the sector itself, there are also-, the great successor, comes from the Government itself and its crew, starting with his Ministry of Culture . What is the meeting promised by the minister with the Foundation? Nothing. And if it arrives, it is already late, but better late than never. He told Me a bull: “Here we abizcochamos soon.” And in these moments you can be anything and everything but bizcochón. The world of the bull, nor its staff, nor its fans, deserve so much contempt.

Walk the figures concerned and were met at the headquarters of seville’s peruvian Rock King. A meeting with encounters and misunderstandings . And there is a working group with bullfighters who try to fight for the Party, even some talk that it would be necessary as a Federation to deal with this type of cabinet crisis . Thoughts and thoughts. Ni chicha ni limoná.


And the board business , divided, between supporters of give bulls and those that do not. Though some who said no, now yes they move their tentacles to the other. If finally there is cake, then to top off all the difficulties are compounded by the tremendous having some bullfighters with the single-channel specialising in Bulls for their new platform OTT for all the world (except Spain, Portugal and Mexico). By the platform and by the mode of knowing. Now ask yourself what happens with your image rights . If you negotiate at all levels of the Party think in the future more and not so much on the money “hot and fast”, in the cover holes for the moment, the song would be different. The large-print matter, but the small, also.

livestock sufferers total, still cater to your bulls without knowing if it is Saturday or Sunday. There is no FATE possible. Bulls eat it every day. And in the slaughterhouses are paid ridiculously low prices for a product so expensive to produce. Or the cowbell oxen gives. “The powers that be are very worried, but I worry I am, I have my business stopped and many mouths to feed”. It is the voice of a rancher andalusian.

it Is time to be ants, a leak in the roof of the political, a pick and a shovel, a pick and shovel. The world of bullfighting does not deserve to be treated as discriminatory or vexing, but the marginalization is there, and there is no other that work from the inside what so long ago you had to have worked. An old bull said to me two days ago that one can not win a negotiation “ if you’re not willing to break and get to the end”. “But here we are very bizcochones”, I stressed another. States of a time, bullfighters, ranchers, and entrepreneurs, but also all those who live in and around the Party. There is that to raise the voice of all, from figures to that of the man of a castle floating, as all showmen, anda preocupadísimo for how to survive a summer without festivals. The voice of everything that revolves around the bull.

the anger at the discrimination policy will serve as an inspiration. And that for that matter working in unity. Walk to make way. Do you ride? To ride is there to send to the fake animal.