As with all good compromises, the glass is also in the case of the “Coal phase-out” for a half full, for others half empty. This is not against talks, but for the work of the Commission, the results of which are now enshrined in law. Annoying is the cost. Had the policy content incentives via pricing, whether through emissions trading or a carbon tax, would be the industry-free in their decisions and may not request such research to subsidies.

in sight As it is, however, how the energy transition should be to a nation’s economic success. It is a sham is to point out Germany’s electricity was Renewable, one day, to a hundred percent. Because the rule applies: The more Renewables, the more uncertain the supply in the “dark slump”.

Already, the shutdown affect the industry more than enough. Its electricity demand over the long term, Germany is a natural gas. This reduces the size of (national) climate effects, increased, but the risks – especially the political.