Who is the commuter flows in the Rhine-Main-area have to be settled in the future more environmentally friendly than in the past, the greatest pleasure in the Renaissance of public transport, which has emerged recently in the Region. Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Mainz are expanding their rail networks, in Wiesbaden, it is at least possible that the error is from the year 1958 to abolish the tram is corrected.

it is wonderful that about a lot of things is thought of, even on cable cars, what years ago no one would have come. Cable cars for skiers, but as an urban or regional transport? A nice idea, if it helps to prevent the gridlock.

on the Other hand, Also cable cars in the insert would have to be in a tightly woven network of regional trains, S-Bahn trains, U-trains and trams, and it must be examined in each case whether it is better to use an existing railway to extend the route. Because anyone who uses another means of transport, creates a transfer constraints, which not only bothers the person who intends to use the connection.

A cable car and the Schmitten for the underground Terminus of high mark, for example, means that commuters have to switch the means of transport. With a car you can drive through, moreover, already by the front door. A crappy connection is really attractive?