Brussels –

The city wants the growth of the illegal Airbnb’s in the city centre and embankment, and for this purpose, an action plan has been developed. Report this to the mayor, Philippe Close, the ships and Years Person in charge of Urban design and planning. “We strive to have thousands of homes back onto the rental market by the end of this legislative session,” says the ship.

“Airbnb is a big business to become” sound in the city. “But going to be the all over the professionals who have all the houses and apartment blocks to buy them, and then using Airbnb to rent out. This means that there is in some quarters becoming less and less apartments for rent are available to you. Not only is to rise, therefore, prices, the balance between locals and tourists, will be lost.”

On Airbnb, the Brussels-capital Region 7.400 properties available for rent, of which 2.200 are in Brussels. Exactly 73 per cent of those dwellings, or about 1,600, to be fully on Airbnb, dedicated, according to the city council.

“most of The Airbnb apartments in Brussels, were illegal and not in accordance with the Brussels ordinance was made in toeristenlogies,” says the ships will Berth. “We want to ensure that we do not go on the road to cities such as Amsterdam and Paris, where the growth of Airbnb to even larger proportions. We don’t want a city where only tourists staying there.”

in order To do battle with Airbnb, and the city in one of two tracks: the underground Airbnb’s fine, because it’s an original violation or charge, if vacant. According to the urban planner breaches of sanctions, which is a special-Airbnb-to-cell incorporated. The focus will be put on the world’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, where Airbnb-the pressure is the highest, it is around the Grand place, the Bourse, the Saint-Jacob, Sint-Goriksplein, and the District.

“we want the owners to put pressure on to get the property back on the regular rental market, to bring said ships to Berth.

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