in the middle of the Brexit-Chaos in the UK shows the British pound on Wednesday surprisingly strong. On Wednesday afternoon, it evaluates against the Dollar by almost a Cent to 1,3037 dollars. Even in euros the price of the pound rises to 0,872 pounds for a unit of the community currency.

the currency of the United Kingdom is continuing its firm trend through this year so far. On the market signs would be seen, that a No-Deal-is-Brexit less likely, says Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at

the basis of the recent steps taken by the Labour Party to prevent a No-Deal-Exit. The Wraith coil of a delay of the Brexit’m alive, what was the reason for the appreciation.

Wilson advises, however, as is the case with all the Brexit messages extreme caution. You should not take everything for face value. The Situation is more in flux, even if the Trend is speaking at the moment for the pound.

USD/GBP — — (–) XRATE 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

While the “No Deal bills” currently being less likely, for a shift, and for remaining in the EU, there are big hurdles, not least of all because of the 29. March was anchored to the leaving date, as required. Nevertheless, a delay for a majority of the house of deputies could be acceptable, if this promise of a better Deal. This would then increase the prospect of a parliamentary election or a second Referendum.

However, in this British perspective to take into account that the 27 other member States of the EU feel little desire to negotiate the agreement. This had let the Prime Minister May, at the time, clearly felt.