for example, If the European Union takes effect, at the request of the British departure, up to the 31st of January, the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, the British parliament next week will vote on a general election on the 12th of december. It was on Thursday informed, in a letter addressed to the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

The Uk’s return is currently scheduled for October 31, but for Johnson, it was a Saturday, by the British parliament was forced to delay the questions until the 31st of January. In his letter to the Corbyn considers Johnson to be the “most likely” that the EU will agree to this request, “even though it is possible that a shorter delay is available”.

For Johnson, it is clear that there is a general election shall, if the Brexit until the end of January and will have to be postponed. “We can’t make any further paralysis at risk,” he writes to the prime minister’s office. In this case, it wants the prime minister to the parliament next week to vote on a general election on the 12th of december. Then it would be in the country for christmas, a new parliament and a new government.

Johnson asked Corbyn to a general election to support it. For this purpose, a two-thirds majority in the house of Commons, is necessary. Johnson hopes to be in a great electoral triumph that made him a substantial majority in the house of Commons to give. The socialists have, so far, however, to say that they got the voters to the risk of the chaos of the Brexit, without the consent of the course.

you can Vote Labour next week, but in a general election, the parliament has to be dissolve on the 6th of november, all of the time that is available to the echtscheidingsakkoord with the EU, to examine and to approve, promises Johnson. “We would be Brexit may make the election on december 12,” is heard.

as Johnson does, however, assume that the deadline of november 6, has not been reached. Although he did Tuesday night, for the first time, a majority of seats in Westminster, behind a echtscheidingsakkoord at the same time, but at the same time, it refused the parliament to make the deal-Johnson and his European counterparts completed it in a time span of three days, and the besluitvormingsmachine off.

as of Friday, also discussed with the ambassadors of the EU member states on the application. There can be little doubt that they, the British, the postponement will allow it, but the term is still a matter of discussion. A short delay in the middle or at the end of november, it is the “preferred option” for Johnson, as he has in the letter of Corbyn. The prime minister is that the opposition will work together to deliver the ratification of the agreement in a timely manner in order to be a disorganised departure, in the middle or at the end of november to avoid this.

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More about the Brexit Eu member states to support respite Brexit, duration is still under discussion in France would only be a postponement of a few days to accept Brexit, Boris Johnson, to lose the second ballot: no procedure for a Brexit, may be re-elected Johnson to be imminent, with elections, if the parliament in emergency procedure, it rejects