Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius… For followers of this parascience, astrology determines, thanks to the signs of the zodiac, the personality of an individual. The definition given by the CNRTL, National Center for Textual and Lexical Resources, is more precise: “It is the art of interpreting these particular configurations at a certain date, established in a sky map, in order to determine the character of someone, to predict the future”.

This area of ​​expertise is based on different factors. According to Femme Actuelle, not only must the sign be taken into account, but also the element to which it belongs: fire, air, earth or water. Additionally, the signs are affected by the placement of the planets in our solar system.

Planet has produced, according to this media, the slideshow below which presents the astrological signs from the nicest to the meanest. Find out where yours is!

In France, there is more and more enthusiasm for parasciences. According to a 2020 IFOP study, 58% of French people say they believe in at least one of its disciplines, and among them:

Regarding this last practice, the share of followers has increased by 8% since the 2000s. An increase which is reflected in the form of acts: 18% of French people would have consulted a specialist in this field in 2020.

The study also indicates the most requested consultation topics: