After a little more than a quarter of a century on the air, the German music channel Viva history. On Monday at noon to 14 PM, the station that once brought presenters like Stefan Raab was switched off, as planned, finally. The last song that Viva played, was symbolic: It was “Too Horny for this world” from the Fantastic Four. In 1993, this song was the first video clip on the then-new channel. Viva ended the way it began.

On Facebook, the station said goodbye with a Video in which various celebrities such as Samy Deluxe, Oliver Pocher, the Fanatical Four Udo Lindenberg from the transmitter.”It was just a great time,” says the TV presenter Matthias Opdenhövel, who began his career at the transmitter. Also the Fans showed in the Social network upset:”I think it’s very, very bad. Viva was a big part of my earlier youth,“ wrote a user.

From the makers, the media company Viacom had announced already in the summer. For quite some time, Viva had shared a location with the channel Comedy Central belongs to Viacom,. The transmission time will now be extended recovery 24 hours – previously, the station had to share ten years is the length of the transmission time with different channels. Comedy Central took over first,
even with Viva-Logo –to 14 PM with the animated series “American Dad”.

Viva was Launched on 1. December 1993, as a German counter-proposal to MTV. Especially in the Nineties, the station was regarded as absolutely formative: young people in Germany, but also for television as a whole.

Many of the successful presenters, actors and authors have been discovered in Viva, in addition to Raab, Charlotte Roche, Heike Makatschund Oliver Pocher. With its shipments Viva itself was a piece of pop culture.