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The presentation yesterday of a binding offer of Telephone and Telecom Italia (TIM Group), with the incorporation to the last hour of Claro (a subsidiary of America movil of Carlos Slim), for the joint acquisition of the mobile business of the brazilian Oi-in contest of creditors from months ago – stirred the waters of the telecommunications sector in the Latin american giant. According to the note sent to the Commission National of the Market of Values (CNMV), the final amount of the offer – of at least 2.538 million euros – will be distributed among the three buyers and “every one of the interested parties will get a portion of that business . Buyers also trust that this movement will contribute to the development of the country.

Brazil is a market of continental dimensions, with more than 209 million of potential consumers, and where the teleco Spanish leader, through Live . In particular, it represents its biggest market by number of clients with 93,2 million total accesses (of which 74.7 million mobile) and a market share of over 30%. We continue to Clear , of América Móvil, and owned by the mexican Carlos Slim (FCC) which owns 25% of the market; as well as the ally Phone – Telecom Italia – with a 24% and, finally, Oi is the fourth largest operator in the country, with a market share of 16%. The company, advised by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, put it on sale a few months ago for its mobile business for a minimum price of 2.538 million of euros and other assets such as towers and data centers, UPI. With this movement, Oi want to capture until a total of 23,000 million reales (more than 4,290 million dollars) to rinse your bulging debt and boost everything connected with the optical fiber, where its leaders see potential for future growth.

But, why is it so important to Brazil for Telefónica? Not only is this continue to be the first operator but to promote the digitization , in the new era that opens after the impact of the pandemic. In addition, since the strategic turn of the Spanish multinational in November of the year, the Latin american giant has gone on to be one of the four strategic markets of the company together with Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. Only in the first quarter of this year has represented the 20% of the income of the multinational ( 2.215 billion euros) and more than 25% of OIBDA (20.952 million). is Phone landed in Brazil in 1998 with Portugal Telecom , in the process of unbundling and privatization of the public Telebras (the old monopoly that was created during the military dictatorship).

as of 2003, both telcos, began to operate in the country under the brand name Vivo in a process of growth and integration, which has been in the acquisition in 2015 GVT your main milestone until now. Telefónica and Telecom Italia showed an interest in the wireless business Oi the past month of march and it was not until yesterday, when both operators together to América Móvil, they won their bid.

which coincides with a year in which the teleco Spanish is starring in important movements: The principal of them, the fusion O2 -its british subsidiary – with Virgin Media (Liberty Global) to form a new company controlled 50% valued in the 35.900 million euros, and to plant face to British Telecom. A motion closed last may 7, in full confinement, and that happens to be the largest corporate operation in the history of the Telephone up to date. A month later, the company led by Álvarez-Pallete sold 10.100 sites of Telefonica Deutschland to the investee company (together with KKR and Pontegadea) Telxius by 1,500 million euros. A company that, according to Bloomberg, the teleco Spanish would be considering trying out to Bag a second time. A decision that would coincide with the honeymoon of the markets for this type of operators.

From the landing of the Spanish multinational company carries invested in Brazil 400,000 million real (a few 74.615 million), for telecommunications infrastructure. Last year alone devoted to this chapter to 9,000 million reals (approximately 1.679 million dollars) and, in this 2020, continues to work on the expansion of the fiber and 4.5 G. Only in the first quarter of this year has allocated 1,600 million reais (298,45 us $ million), 15% of their net income for this purpose.

gentleman’s agreement

The incorporation of last-minute Claro (Carlos Slim), reinforces the leadership of Telefónica in the brazilian soil and away the ghost of a cotraoferta of the owner of América Móvil. Its CEO, Daniel Hajj, confirmed in February, the interest in Oi in the brazilian newspaper Economic Value.

In the Latin american country, Clearly has a market share of 25%, after the acquisition of Nextel in December, 905 million dollars. For América Móvil, Brazil is already its second largest market after Mexico, with 58.5 million subscribers at the end of the second quarter and a income, in this same period, 9,500 million reais (1.543,68 million euros).