7 Panini cards that sell for several thousand euros


They have been the prerogative of football fans and collectors since the 1960s. Panini cards, marketed by the eponymous Italian publishing house, have never ceased to appeal. These little stickers bearing the image of football players and teams have been traded for decades in playgrounds… And even in auction rooms.

Last February, a sticker of Cristiano Ronaldo, featuring the player in his debut, in the Portuguese club Sporting in 2002-2003, was thus sold for the modest sum of 71,186 euros.

According to specialists, the older a card is, and the more it concerns a player who has experienced a meteoric evolution, the more it takes on value. Among other things: because there are a whole host of characteristics, scrutinized by aficionados, to evaluate the price of a Panini sticker.

Thus, Christophe, a seasoned collector, explains in the columns of Le Parisien:

Another criterion can instantly increase the value of a card: the death of a player raised to the rank of rock star during his lifetime.

On auction sites, Panini stickers can be found in large numbers, and prices can climb very high, especially if it is a rare and vintage lot. Do you own one of these rare pearls, which sell for up to 700,000 euros? Discover in our slideshow the 7 cards and sets of cards that are particularly popular at the moment.